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The Awkward Teenager: Learnings From One UK Unicorn's Story

In this re:Invent video, find out what food delivery company Deliveroo has learned by growing from an early-stage, 20-person startup into a "teenage" business with an awkward growth phase and then reaching its current status as an enterprise company with over 300 engineers.  

Deliveroo Senior Technical Program Manager Alison Bell discusses the challenges of building a leading business during hypergrowth—from building consensus to establishing ways of working and onboarding at scale to maintaining standards and culture. She also explains how Deliveroo works with AWS, creates force multipliers, and continuously learns and improves.

One of things I'm proudest of being at Deliveroo is we're building better products-more scalable, more cost-efficient products just by learning from each other's experience."

Alison Bell
Senior Technical Program Manager

Explore Deliveroo's journey of innovation using AWS

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