Ghost Robotics Powers Next-Gen Legged Robots with 5G at the Edge Using AWS


Ghost Robotics' mission is to build the most durable, continuous-use, ruggedized, and easiest-to-deploy legged robot on the market. According to Jiren Parikh, CEO of Ghost Robotics, by building on Amazon Web Services (AWS), Ghost Robotics is able to leverage 5G at the edge to process data and enable a robust communications network. Using AWS Snowcone, Ghost Robotics can deliver new solutions for its customers. "By working with AWS and integrating AWS Snowcone with 5G, we're building new use cases and the ability for customers to deploy new applications," says Parikh. "We hope by the end of 2021, when a customer orders a legged robot with AWS Snowcone 5G connectivity platform, they can take it right out of the box, and plug and play within a few hours and get right to work."

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Ghost Robotics Powers Next Gen Legged Robots with 5G at the Edge (1:39)

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