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Reinventing Patient Experiences in the Cloud

Nationwide Children’s Hospital, CalvertHealth, and Rush University System for Health provide seamless patient care using AWS services.

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Nationwide Children’s Hospital (NCH) Helps Doctors Treat Pediatric Cancer

NCH, an academic pediatric medical center, is one of the largest pediatric hospitals in the United States. It brings advanced clinical genomics capabilities to patients to help select the best care pathways.

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Saves time

by automating key tasks in the genomics analysis pipeline

Scales on Demand

to analyze petabytes of genomics data for pediatric cancer patients

Quickly Delivers Data

to doctors so that they can choose the best treatments for each patient

Facilitates Analysis

of cancer samples 24/7, supporting stronger patient outcomes


Using AWS serverless solutions, we can focus not on the upkeep of technology but on the output of the science. We can focus on improving the lives of kids everywhere.”

Grant Lammi
Cloud Development Manager at the Steve and Cindy Rasmussen Institute for Genomic Medicine, Nationwide Children’s Hospital

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CalvertHealth Improves EHR System Resilience and Shortens Recovery Time

Based in Prince Frederick, Maryland, CalvertHealth is a not-for-profit, community-owned hospital with over 200 active and consulting physicians on staff. It also provides primary care and other services in its offices in several other locations around the county.

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97% faster

time to recovery, from 72 hours to less than 2 hours

Improved Resilience

by accelerating the time to restore EHR systems

Mitigated Revenue Loss

by protecting its reputation with stronger disaster recovery

Improved Trust

by protecting its reputation with stronger disaster recovery


It takes stress off me and the other executives knowing that we have AWS tools in place that can help us get things back up and running as soon as we possibly can.” 

Melissa Hall
Chief Information Officer, CalvertHealth

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RUSH Creates a Population Health Analytics Platform on AWS

Rush University System for Health (RUSH) is an academic healthcare system based in Chicago, Illinois. The organization comprises three major hospitals, a wide network of medical providers, and numerous outpatient care facilities.

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 Aggregates Data

from multiple sources, creating a complete profile for each patient

Highlights Disparities

to advance health equity by addressing the social determinants of health

Guides Clinical Decisions

by implementing actionable interventions based on patient insights

 Improves Patient Care

by connecting patients with the services that they need for better health


As a clinician, it is incredibly important to see patient data from multiple sources. Being able to bring in machine learning tools from AWS to analyze this data is a game changer.” 

Michael Cui
Assistant Professor and Primary Care Doctor, Rush University System for Health

Improve Patient and Clinician Experiences on AWS

AWS provides the services that your healthcare organization needs to modernize the IT landscape and improve patient care

  • Configure services to meet regulatory requirements
  • Work with experts to achieve your healthcare goals
  • Minimize downtime and data loss with fast recovery
  • Deploy advanced analytics for patient insights
  • Simplify IT across complex healthcare organizations
  • Analyze patient data in HIPAA-eligible environments