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The Spikiest Time of the Year Is No Problem for iRobot and AWS IoT

iRobot handles 20x traffic spikes with no problems by using an IoT backend running on AWS. A leading global consumer robot company, iRobot designs and builds robots that empower people to do more both inside and outside the home.

Christmas is a big day—make that a huge day—for nearly all consumer brands, including iRobot and its Roomba robotic vacuums.

"Roomba robot vacuums are popular gifts on any holiday, but Christmas Day is when the most Roombas get sent on their first cleaning missions, all at once," says Ben Kehoe, a cloud robotics research scientist at iRobot. "Because Roomba robot vacuums are internet-connected, Christmas Day means huge traffic spikes for us."

Huge traffic spikes could also mean huge headaches for the company and its customers alike, but not in this case. That’s because iRobot runs its customer-facing iRobot HOME app and its robots' IoT backend on a serverless Amazon Web Services (AWS) architecture.


We realized that the smart home was an integral part of what we were trying to do. We knew already that we wanted to build that application on AWS. This was 2015 we looked at the suite of managed services that were then available, and said we think we can build this without running any servers."

Ben Kehoe
Cloud Robotics Research Scientist, iRobot

AWS Services Used

Amazon IoT Core

AWS IoT Core lets you connect billions of IoT devices and route trillions of messages to AWS services without managing infrastructure.

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