Melco Resorts & Entertainment Enhances Guest Experience on AWS


Melco Resorts & Entertainment is a developer, owner, and operator of casino gaming and entertainment casino resort facilities in Asia. Chang Lim, Melco's vice president of digital transformation, and Martin Fuller, Melco's DX platform product leader, explain how the company is utilizing Amazon Web Services (AWS) to help enhance the experience of guests as it looks to scale operations. By running in the AWS Cloud, Melco's casino management system setup time has gone from 9 months to just 4 weeks. 

"Customers expect to interact in many ways with our platform," says Fuller. "AWS helps us with that by providing a global presence and high availability infrastructure and services, so that our clients can have a consistent experience whether they're in a hotel room using the mobile app or enjoying some of our gaming systems."

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Melco Resorts and Entertainment's Digital Transformation (3:42)

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