Ocado Group Scales Up Innovation to Reimagine the Online Grocery Experience


Ocado Group operates a huge number of microservices on OSP. Running them in the cloud makes it possible to deal with spikes and fluctuations in the most resource-efficient way.”

James Donkin

Chief Technology Officer, Ocado Technology


Ocado Group, a technology pioneer in the online grocery market, is transforming the way the world shops through cutting-edge innovation.

The company develops the technology and automation that powers the Ocado Smart Platform (OSP)—a complete suite of online grocery solutions that empowers some of the world’s most forward-thinking grocery retailers to be leaders in their markets. OSP combines cutting-edge innovation across artificial intelligence, machine learning, robotics, the Internet of Things, and data science to give online grocery businesses unmatched efficiency, flexibility, and economic returns. In turn, these solutions can meet the complex and changing expectations of shoppers, providing a frictionless online grocery shopping experience.

Instead of managing its own data centers, Ocado Group deploys microservices and web applications on Amazon Web Services (AWS). The agility and flexibility that it gains by working in the cloud make it possible to innovate at scale. The company delivers over 14,000 deployments per week for hundreds of applications and cloud environments. It can develop and deliver innovation faster because its developers can focus on what they do best.
Rapid innovation requires agility and automation capabilities that are readily available in the cloud. OSP commerce sites received over 1.6 billion page views in 2021. With the ability to better deal with fluctuations in usage on AWS, Ocado Group can scale at pace while continuing to deliver reliable service around the world. What’s more, it benefits from services that are simple to manage, have low latency, and are seamlessly scalable.
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“Ocado Group operates a huge number of microservices on OSP,” says James Donkin, chief technology officer of Ocado Technology. “Running them in the cloud makes it possible to deal with spikes and fluctuations in the most resource-efficient way. With the ability to add compute resources on-demand, we can respond quickly to changes at scale anywhere in the world.”

Grocery retailers using OSP can provide a more convenient experience, deliver fresher food, and reduce food waste, capturing and expanding market share in this fast-growing retail channel. As a result, they can operate more effectively, provide exceptional service for customers, and save money. Rapid innovation in OSP has brought significant improvements for end-users as well. Shoppers enjoy a more convenient and reliable experience with always-on service, even during large spikes in activity. 

Ocado Group continues to push its solutions forward and bring innovative benefits to its partners and their customers. On AWS, provisioning and experimenting in new environments is much faster. As a result, Ocado Group has unlocked innovation at pace and scale. “We’re using the cloud to reimagine the future of online grocery,” says Donkin.

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