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Topics: Sustainability and Environmental Protection

Monitoring Shark Populations with OCEARCH

April 2022

About the Episode 

Sharks play a critical role in maintaining the delicate ecosystem in the ocean and on land. Discover the importance of these apex predators—from biomedical research impacting humans to ensuring the food chain remains in balance. OCEARCH, a global nonprofit organization, is on a mission to help scientists collect previously unattainable data in the ocean and educate the public with its Shark Tracker app. By using Amazon Web Services (AWS) and data, OCEARCH connects experts, fisheries, and academics from around the world. To learn more, the Fix This team chatted with Chris Fischer, founder and expedition leader and Dr. Robert Hueter, chief scientist at OCEARCH. The nonprofit is part of the Amazon Sustainability Data Initiative.

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Guest Speakers

Chris Fischer Headshot
Chris Fischer Headshot

Chris Fischer

Chris Fischer is the founding chairman and expedition leader at OCEARCH.

Dr. Bob Hueter Headshot
Dr. Bob Hueter Headshot

Dr. Bob Hueter

Dr. Bob Hueter is the chief scientist for OCEARCH.


01:29 - OCEARCH's founding mission
04:53 - Using data to discover challenges that sharks and other animals are facing
07:44 - Why shark populations matter to the health of the world and humans

09:15 - OCEARCH Tracker, powered by AWS, helps to democratize access to ocean research
10:35 - How data and using AWS drives collaboration between academics and fisheries
14:50 - Hope for the future of the oceans

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