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Advancing Digital Transformation Using Amazon EKS Anywhere with SCB

Learn how Siam Commercial Bank accelerated implementation time for new workloads by 50 percent using Amazon EKS Anywhere.

50% reduction

in new workload implementation time


operational burden

Met requirements

for latency and data residency


Kubernetes management




Today’s consumers expect to have constant access to their money. At the same time, regulators are challenging financial institutions to employ security practices fit for the twenty-first century. Some institutions—like the Bank of Thailand, Thailand’s central bank—also encourage banks to build the infrastructure needed to move national economies to a cashless model.

Siam Commercial Bank (SCB) is Thailand’s oldest and largest bank, and it wanted to future-proof its operations to meet the diverse demands of consumers, business clients, and regulators. It launched a digital transformation initiative on Amazon Web Services (AWS) in 2019 to provide better customer experiences while meeting security and compliance requirements.

To make good on its vision of being the most admired bank in the region, SCB prioritized modern services that would reduce its operational workload. It engaged DailiTech, an AWS Partner, to strategize and implement the various phases of its transformation journey. When DailiTech came to SCB with news of Amazon EKS Anywhere, a service to maintain an on-premises Kubernetes environment that’s more simple and reliable than self-managed Kubernetes offerings, the bank was interested in learning more. “Using Amazon EKS Anywhere, SCB can provide its customers with a great payment experience,” says Vit Niennattrakul, managing director of DailiTech.

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Opportunity | Using Amazon EKS Anywhere to Simplify Kubernetes Management for SCB

SCB was founded by royal charter in 1907, and it has played a notable role in the history of Thai financial services ever since. Not content with being a historic institution, the bank is committed to advancing innovation. It’s in the midst of a transformative journey that encompasses both technology and business processes, positioning SCB as an early adopter of cloud technologies in Southeast Asia. As part of that journey, the bank launched a new payment hub in 2020 to serve as the backbone for near-real-time payment processing across bank entry channels.

SCB was keen on reducing the workload associated with managing Kubernetes while meeting the data residency, security, and latency requirements needed for an on-premises payments solution. “SCB had to scale, maintain patching, and upgrade Kubernetes by itself, which created a significant operational burden,” says Niennattrakul. “That’s why it was interested when we introduced Amazon EKS Anywhere.”


Using Amazon EKS Anywhere, SCB can provide its customers with a great payment experience.”

Vit Niennattrakul
Managing Director, DailiTech

Solution | Reducing New Workload Implementation Time by 50 Percent on AWS

DailiTech created a successful proof of concept in November 2022 that paved the way for SCB to fully roll out Amazon EKS Anywhere by the third quarter of 2023. SCB estimates that by using the service, it will reduce new workload implementation times by 50 percent. “Using Amazon EKS Anywhere, SCB can start new workloads immediately,” says Niennattrakul.

Because it wanted to verify that the new service would support its security and compliance goals, SCB worked proactively alongside DailiTech and AWS throughout the migration effort. “We had regular meetings with DailiTech and AWS to discuss and resolve issues with the beta version,” says Vit Niennattrakul, Managing Director, DailiTech at SCB . “We consulted with both companies closely to prepare test and production environments, focusing on feature enhancement, performance, and security.” These meetings paved the way for a seamless implementation.

Because AWS applies security patches and bug scanning to the Kubernetes layer of Amazon EKS Anywhere, SCB is confident that the service supports its mission of protecting vital financial data and meeting regulatory requirements.

Now, SCB teams are excited to have more control over Kubernetes using Amazon EKS Anywhere. Before the project was implemented, they could manage Kubernetes only with the command line. The new solution makes it simple to use the control plane, and SCB also has greater flexibility to increase or decrease nodes as needed using GitOps as well as infrastructure-as-code tools such as Terraform apart from the command line interface. By doing so, SCB is automating cluster management tasks to enhance the efficiency of its operations while maintaining consistency and change management controls. “Using Amazon EKS Anywhere makes our organization more agile,” says Vit Niennattrakul, Managing Director, DailiTech at SCB.

As the bank develops innovative solutions, it’s also changing the way that its teams operate. SCB has reengineered its software delivery lifecycle to pair modern technology with modern business processes. “With its new solutions, SCB is implementing continuous integration and continuous deployment to streamline and automate delivery processes across all its projects,” says Niennattrakul.

Outcome | Future-Proofing Payments Using Amazon EKS Anywhere

Now that the solution is in place, SCB is ready to take the next step in its transformation by migrating other on-premises Kubernetes and payment-hub core services to Amazon EKS Anywhere. The new system will serve over 20 account types, including ATMs, corporate, and retail, for the bank. “The payment hub is a starting point that will provide operational consistency for every SCB environment,” says Niennattrakul.

The bank remains focused on using modern technologies to improve its offerings. With its new solution, SCB is confident that its services will meet customer demand for seamless payments. “Using Amazon EKS Anywhere, SCB can scale and give its customers a good experience,” says Niennattrakul.

About Siam Commercial Bank

Siam Commercial Bank (SCB) is Thailand’s oldest and largest financial institution. The bank offers a wide variety of services to consumers, small businesses, and corporate clients. SCB is in the midst of a multiyear strategic transformation.

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Amazon EKS Anywhere

Amazon EKS Anywhere builds on the strengths of Amazon EKS Distro and provides open-source software that’s up to date and patched so you can have an on-premises Kubernetes environment that’s more reliable than a self-managed Kubernetes offering.

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