Securitas Direct Protects Millions of Homes in the Cloud


Securitas Direct is part of Verisure Group—a global supplier and installer of alarm systems for homes and businesses. It employs 10,000 people worldwide and serves 1.8 million customers, making it the most widely installed home alarm provider in Europe. Meeting the security needs of its large customer base means that the business must monitor 8 million connected devices around the clock, processing 300 million events a day, and responding to alarms or intrusion alerts in 60 seconds or less. Today, it credits its ability to handle such a vast network of devices to Amazon Web Services (AWS). In this video, Bernardino Beotas, chief information officer at Securitas Direct, explains why the company uses AWS IoT Core as the heart of its platform. He also describes how his teams use Amazon SageMaker to predict alarm battery life based on customer behavior and how AWS helps Securitas Direct scale to add half of a petabyte of security video each day.

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