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Food Delivery Startup, Shgardi Uses Amazon Personalize to Boost User Engagement

Learn how Shgardi, a mobile app startup company based in Saudi Arabia, uses Amazon Personalize to offer a tailored homepage experience to users in near real time.  

Shgardi, a mobile app startup company based in Saudi Arabia, is focused on providing affordable, on-demand food delivery services to over 3 million consumers and more than 10 thousand restaurants. The company turned to Amazon Web Services (AWS) to boost user engagement and brand loyalty. Using Amazon Personalize, a machine learning-driven personalization solution, Shgardi could target new and existing users by adding a “recommended for you” section to its app homepage. As a result, the company increased the conversion of new users to buyers by 30 percent and increased the number of total monthly orders by 20 percent. In this video, Tarek Dahab, chief technology officer at Shgardi, discusses how the startup uses Amazon Personalize to tadapt to changes in user preferences in near real-time.


We needed a recommendation engine that is pre-trained, and at the same time, we can customize it based on our clients’ needs. Amazon Personalize has helped us solve the problems we were facing in the business and has helped us provide exceptional service to the clients.”

Tarek Dahab
Chief Technology Officer, Shgardi

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Amazon Personalize

Amazon Personalize allows developers to quickly build and deploy curated recommendations and intelligent user segmentation at scale using machine learning (ML).

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