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How Showpad Enriches Customer Interactions with Generative AI on AWS

“With generative AI on AWS, Showpad is improving how sales and marketing teams pursue a shared goal: closing more deals”

Bram De Geyter
Vice President of Product, Showpad

Showpad Helps Customers Drive Revenue and Deliver Exceptional B2B Buyer Experiences Using AWS
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As businesses adapt to the changing landscape of sales and marketing, they confront an essential dilemma: How can they maintain a personal touch in a hybrid environment that melds both in-person and digital experiences?

The rise of artificial intelligence (AI) is giving buyers more access to information than ever, demanding that sellers adapt and find new ways to add value to the buying process. Personalized, one-on-one connections remain crucial, but it’s challenging to engage in meaningful interactions at scale. To address this, sales teams need a blend of human insight and intelligent technology.

Showpad, a company known for crafting sales and marketing enablement solutions, believes it has the answer. Its Enablement Operating System (eOS) provides teams with the content and training to deliver unique buyer experiences. On Amazon Web Services (AWS), Showpad is taking customer interactions to the next level with generative AI.

“Being able to extract the right information from content is crucial for focusing on the buyer’s needs,” says Jeroen Minnaert, chief software architect at Showpad. “Generative AI offers a way to address that challenge by presenting an entirely new option that sellers can use to tap into content and speak to buyers.”

To incorporate generative AI into the eOS, Showpad built a powerful data-driven system that is based on AWS Cloud infrastructure. The eOS uses AWS machine learning (ML) services—such as Amazon Bedrock, a fully managed service that makes foundation models available through an API, and Amazon SageMaker, which is used to prepare, build, train, and deploy ML models—to analyze vast amounts of data. With these insights, it can generate personalized content that addresses each buyer’s unique needs and preferences.

“With generative AI on AWS, Showpad is improving how sales and marketing teams pursue a shared goal: closing more deals,” says Bram De Geyter, vice president of product at Showpad. “Our solutions empower sellers to focus on bringing meaningful value to each buyer interaction. By tailoring information according to buyers’ needs, we can make every conversation empathetic and authentic.”

In August 2023, beta users gained access to the following features: AI-powered search, test questions, and content summaries.

AI-powered search is a smart assistant that surfaces quick answers and enriches search results with relevant context and information, reducing sellers’ time spent searching for information to communicate with buyers.

The AI-powered test questions feature streamlines the creation of training materials by automatically suggesting relevant test questions, giving teams the opportunity to quickly scale their sales readiness programs and create more efficient and effective training.

The AI-powered content summaries solution automatically summarizes key learning points from a piece of content, making it possible for sales representatives to find the information they need at a glance and deliver information to buyers in an organized and efficient way.

Showpad’s customers already see a 2.2-times increase in the return on investment for their marketing content. With generative AI, they can enhance engagement and increase conversions even further.

“AWS is the go-to technology for Showpad to build our applications, and because of these advancements, we can scale to thousands of complex sales teams around the globe,” says De Geyter. “AI is becoming a commodity for sales and marketing workflows, and we’re excited to work with the AWS team to bring this next wave of innovation to our customers.”

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