Solaris Automates IoT Wellsite Data Integration on AWS to Improve Worker Safety and Productivity


Solaris Oilfield Infrastructure (Solaris) provides innovative and cost-effective oilfield products, services, and infrastructure to enhance drilling, completions, efficiency, and safety. In the video below, Brendan Gilbert, senior vice president of service and quality, and Adriana Arzola, manager of software engineering for Solaris share how the company built a real-time monitoring application for oilfield equipment on Amazon Web Services (AWS). The application ingests Internet of Things (IoT) data that feeds into Amazon QuickSight, Amazon Timestream, and other services for inventory management, supply chain planning, and equipment health monitoring.

As a small and medium-sized business (SMB), having a trusted cloud provider has been critical for Solaris. “We have the great support of AWS in the background. AWS can help small entrepreneurial companies scale very quickly. They have the infrastructure and domain expertise, and they already have the substantive knowledge of what companies like Solaris are trying to do.“ notes Gilbert.

Learn how Solaris automated and integrated data ingestion to create a safer, more efficient, and cost effective solution for customers by watching the video below. 

Solaris Automates Wellsite Data Integration - Improves Safety & Productivity | Amazon Web Services

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