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Swisscom Builds Skills to Accelerate Cloud Adoption and Employee Collaboration



Swisscom AG is Switzerland’s leading telecommunications company, and one of its leading IT companies. Headquartered in Ittigen, near the capital Berne, Swisscom employs more than 19,000 employees, and is one of Switzerland’s most innovative and sustainable companies.

Benefits on AWS

  • 1500+ employees trained through internal training program
  • Delivered mix of formal classroom training and informal events
  • 400+ AWS certifications achieved
  • Created a positive, proactive learning culture

"Through Cloud Mastery, we are supporting employees to obtain highly valuable skills, increasing existing knowledge and experience gained to the next level."

Andrea Sassara
Cloud Mastery Lead, Swisscom AG

Empowering Employee Learning

To stay at the leading edge of the telecommunications and IT industries, Swisscom knew they needed to drive continuous innovation and improvement. Working with AWS Skills Guild, they developed and launched Cloud Mastery, a comprehensive cloud skills enablement program. On a journey to take employees’ cloud skills “from good to great,” the program generated excitement for cloud and built a proactive learning culture. Cloud Mastery supports learning, drives better internal alignment with the company’s cloud strategy, and helps employees to explore innovation with cloud technology.

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Training Days icon

5 Training Days

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Employees receive an annual allowance of 5 working days to focus solely on training. This dedicated time for learning provides the space and encouragement for those looking to develop professionally.

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Improved Communication

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By offering opportunities to practice communicating with new cloud skills and fluency, Swisscom AG has seen significant improvement in employee soft skills, confidence, and collaboration.
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Reimagined Onboarding

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Swisscom AG established a new onboarding blueprint for engineers, modeled off employee-led GitOps workshop. This blueprint also became the foundation for sponsored university engagements.

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Employee-Led Culture

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Cloud Mastery Cloud Advocates are driving a proactive, self-learning culture by hosting study groups and supporting employees to prepare for certification exams, contributing to broader uptake of AWS Certification.

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