“AWS Is How”: Target Australia drives ecommerce sales and millions of transactions every year.


There was an immediate boost to performance because of the move from end-of-life hardware to newer, more powerful cloud-based compute on AWS. This resulted in an uplift in customer experience.  

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Your best friend’s birthday is next week, and you’re looking for the perfect gift. You can spend hours scouring the internet, reading reviews, and comparing prices until you’re overwhelmed with endless options. What’s even worse is finally picking a gift, going through checkout, and discovering that the product is suddenly out of stock. That is no longer an issue for those of us shopping at Target Online.

Whether you’re searching for a memorable gift or browsing the best deals to treat yourself, Target Australia offers a seamless and secure online shopping experience for customers by using the latest cloud technologies on Amazon Web Services (AWS). Since migrating to the cloud, this Australian retailer can scale its website to surges in demand and inventory its products in near real time. With a stable online experience, shoppers can quickly place orders for life’s necessities or find inspiration for their home, fashion or entertainment.  

For several years, Target, enabled by AWS, has delivered value, quality and style for its customers with inspirational products and experiences on its website and app. Target Online has built a powerful compute infrastructure on AWS that provides the elasticity it needs to support online transacting and showcase thousands of unique products. With greater scalability than before, customer experience is not diminished during peak trading periods. Shoppers can place online orders in minutes without experiencing interruptions in service, and they can rest assured that their product is in stock with near-real-time inventory lookup.

The iconic retailer has also focused on expanding its digital sales by offering online exclusives—merchandise Target sells only on its website or mobile application. Customers can take advantage of these deals whether they’re on the go or at home. Further, the company made placing online orders simpler for its customers by adding intuitive functionalities to its website. This specific feature expedites the checkout process for customers, by using the billing and shipping information they already have saved to their account.

Although ecommerce largely centers on convenience, Target Australia prioritizes the security of its digital sales by bolstering its security posture using AWS solutions. With secure shopping, customers can have peace of mind that their personal data is encrypted and protected any time they place an online order, update their personal information, or register for a new account.

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Behind the Innovation. AWS is How.