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Toyota Connected Uses AWS to Respond in Seconds to Driver Emergencies

Data and safety go hand in hand at leading automotive manufacturer Toyota. As Brian Kursar, senior vice president and chief technology officer at Toyota Connected North America, says, having access to the right data at the right time is vital.
Toyota Connected is Toyota’s data services division, leading the development of the company’s cloud-based mobility services platform. It uses Amazon Web Services (AWS) to process petabytes of data from hundreds of sensors in millions of vehicles to help it respond to drivers in emergency situations.
In this video, Kursar—who’s also Toyota Motor North America’s group vice president, chief technology and data officer—along with senior DevOps engineer Ashley Parks, talk about the mission-critical value of real-time data. Namely, faster call center action and increased safety for customers.

Using AWS not only helps developers solve data challenges creatively, but it gives them access to managed services like Amazon Bedrock, which they’re using to bring new driver experiences to life with generative artificial intelligence.


The challenge was how do we process all of that data in real-time when every second counts. […] One of the things we love about AWS is that there’s so many options. It allows us to be so creative.”

Brian Kursar
Chief Technology and Data Officer, Group Vice President, Toyota Motor North America | Senior Vice President and Chief Technology Officer, Toyota Connected North America

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Japan-based multinational Toyota Motor Corporation (Toyota) produces around 10 million vehicles a year, making it the world’s largest automobile manufacturer. Its Toyota Connected data services division, established in 2016, leads the development of the Toyota Mobility Services Platform to advance data-driven mobility for drivers.

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