University of California Berkeley AMP Lab's Carat Project Case Study


The Algorithms, Machine, and People (AMP) Lab at the University of California Berkeley builds scalable machine learning and data analysis technologies to turn data into information. Among the many experiments run by the AMP Lab, one successful project is Carat, an application created from aggregating and analyzing big data to help increase energy productivity and improve cell phone battery life. The AMP Lab leveraged Amazon Web Services (AWS) to quickly scale compute resources, servers, and Amazon Simple Storage Service (Amazon S3) storage capabilities to support an overwhelming user response (overnight, the project scaled from a few hundred users to 100,000 users; since then, it has grown to almost 500,000 users). As a result, researchers were able to handle the increased demand without issue and provide a great customer experience for Carat users.

UC Berkeley AMP Lab Carat Project on AWS - Customer Success Story (3:32)

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