What struck us about Amazon ECS was the ease of migration. We did all the migration work from Docker Cloud to Amazon ECS in just 10 days. We did everything internally. It couldn’t have gone better.
Charlie Revett CTO

Vidsy migrated from Docker Cloud to Amazon Elastic Container Service (Amazon ECS) in just 10 days and has reduced its costs by 60 percent. Vidsy helps brands develop mobile-first video campaigns using the talents of Vidsy's community of 3,000 young creatives. The company now uses Amazon ECS to orchestrate its containerized applications, which run in the AWS Cloud.

Vidsy helps brands create mobile-first video campaigns based on video content generated by its 3,000-strong community of young creative talent, many of whom are university students or have recently finished their courses.

In this episode of This is My Architecture, see how Vidsy uses AWS to host their content platform using a containerized microservices architecture leveraging Amazon Elastic Container Service (ECS). Learn how Vidsy ingests content from creators, retrieve assets for clients, handle payments, and more.