WABCO Grows Its Smart Vehicle Ecosystem on AWS


WABCO has been providing commercial vehicle technology for more than 150 years. Its systems for braking, suspension, stability, and more, can be found on most commercial vehicles. For 25 years, the company has been helping fleet operators reduce inefficiencies in road transportation with telematics devices that collect data for better business decisions. Today, much of that decision-making is automated—a trend that will continue as vehicles and systems become more sophisticated and autonomous. The backend that supports this comprises 700 servers that monitor 160,000 connected vehicles, making 1 million data inserts a minute. As the autonomous and connected vehicle ecosystem grows, WABCO is moving to a more scalable infrastructure in the cloud that will support innovation in areas such as artificial intelligence and machine learning. In this video, Philippe Colpron, vice president and global leader, fleet solutions at WABCO, explains how Amazon Web Services (AWS) technologies—such as AWS IoT Core and Amazon DynamoDB—helped the company halve its time to market and expand its portfolio with new products.

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