Cloud Foundations on AWS

Solutions for establishing your cloud presence on AWS

Introducing Cloud Foundations

Cloud Foundations provides a guided path to help customers deploy, configure, and secure their new workloads while ensuring they are ready for on-going operations in the cloud. Cloud Foundations helps customers navigate through the decisions they need to make through curated AWS Services, AWS Solutions, Partner Solutions, and Guidance. These solutions will support your cloud foundation journey, accelerating the deployment of a production-ready environment.

Explore Capabilities and Tooling for Cloud Foundations

  • Capabilities

    Capabilities spanning multiple categories to help you establish your foundation in the cloud.

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  • Tooling

    A collection of tools and solutions to optimize your cloud foundation.

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The Fundamentals of Cloud Foundations

Learn how to prepare your cloud environment for your workloads

Implement all of the security items needed for your workloads with confidence

Ensure that your AWS environment is structured properly

Be ready to start deploying production workloads in the cloud with clearly defined next steps