Lighthouse - AI Decision Automation Platform

Enable business leaders to improve operational metrics by automating AI based insights and action recommendation

Incedo Lighthouse is an AI-driven Decision Automation platform that enables business executives to improve operational metrics and deliver higher business impact by automating insights and recommended actions and integrating them into decision workflows.

With Incedo Lighthouse companies automate identification of operational problems that are deeply impacting business performance, leverage best-in-class AI and Data accelerators to reduce time to insights and achieve rapid implementation of recommended actions. It supports multiple deployment models such as on-prem, enterprise cloud and license-based SaaS.



United States of America, Canada, South America, Europe, Middle East, Asia, Africa, Australia.


Optimize customer experience

Increase revenue potential per customer by delivering hyper-personalized recommendations

Automate decisions leveraging AI

Lower operational costs by accelerating problem discovery, insights generation, and action execution

Accelerated problem discovery

Identify right problems to solve by rapid root cause analysis using Design + Data Science

Continuous impact measurement

Generate actionable insights and measure impact of the actions on KPIs in near-real time

  • How it works
  • Incedo Lighthouse harnesses the power of AI in a low code environment to deliver insights and action recommendations, every day, by leveraging the capabilities of Big Data at high speed.

    Incedo Lighthouse implements the workflow consisting of: AI driven problem discovery and root cause analysis, statistical experimentation, remedial action recommendation, and business impact monitoring.

    Below are the typical stages in an engagement to deploy Incedo Lighthouse:

    1. Scoping and solutioning: This includes (a) customer use case detailing - understanding of business metric involved and their interrelationships, (b) data understanding - data sources, data schema, data definitions and dictionary, data gaps and mitigation plan, data characterization such as volume, and update frequency, (c) system integrations needed - on the inbound and outbound side, and (d) implementation approach finalization - extensions/changes needed to the solution, deliverables, deployment options and timelines.

    2. Solution customization: Build-out of custom requirements, including minor to intermediate changes to the solution stack (front and backend, training ML models on customer data, data and model pipelines, system integrations). Incedo Lighthouse integrates with multiple sources of data through ready or open-source connectors and with systems of execution such as Salesforce for operationalizing the recommended actions. The input data that is required to run the ML models and other visualizations is ingested into a datalake, that is custom created for the use case, through the data pipelines setup to connect with raw data sources. These pipelines can be configured to run at a predetermined frequency e.g. daily, weekly.

    3. User Acceptance Testing and Pilot: Post the solution is customized, it is implemented on a limited scale e.g. for a 1-2 BUs / product lines / markets, for limited customer segments, and limited datasets, to get an understanding of failure points to be able to solidify the stack.

    4. Roll-out to full scale - Based on the success of pilot, plan and schedule roll-out to the full scale under scope and measure impact over a period of time.

  • Key activities
  • Solution scoping

    Identify the operational decisions that are to be automated and the relevant business KPIs that are impacted

    Understand the data and its sources

    Analyze raw data schema, frequency of updates and the establish connectivity of the solution with the data

    Front end customization

    Customize and configure the front-end of the application based on business requirements

    Modelling customization

    Update and retrain ML models used at various places on the customer data depending on the use case

    ML operationalization

    Operationalize and schedule the ML models using Lighthouse's ML Ops stack or customer preferred tools

    Instantiate data to action loop

    Create initial set of KPI trees and complete the data to insights to experiments and actions loop to get going

    Integrate actions and feedback

    Develop routines to integrate action output with chosen systems of engagement used by the customer

    Train customers

    Train customers and empower them to configure additional number of KPI trees in the platform and review impact

  • Customer contribution
  • Hypothesis on business problem area

    Brainstorm on what areas of business are are ripe for automation and understanding of KPIs 

    In-depth understanding of data

    Understand the data schema, refresh cycles, inherent dependencies and logic for KPI calculations

    Access to systems of engagement

    Provide access to systems to be used for integrating actions output and make it part operational execution

    Make SME support available

    Customize and configure Incedo Lighthouse

  • About this consultant
  • Incedo is a digital transformation and digital enablement expert empowering companies to realize sustainable business impact from their digital investments. It has integrated services and platforms, that connect strategy and execution, are built on the foundation of Design, AI, Data, and strong engineering capabilities blended with our deep domain expertise from digital natives.

    Incedo is an AWS Partner with AWS Migration Competency and AWS DevOps Competency designations. With over 3,500 professionals in the US, Canada, Latin America and India, and a large, diverse portfolio of long-term Fortune 500 and fast-growing clients worldwide, including financial services, telecom, product engineering, and life sciences industries.

  • Architecture diagram

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Incedo Lighthouse™ - Next generation, AI-powered decision automation platform.

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A Fortune 500 bank in the US transforms collections operations and decreases credit losses.

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