CPG IoT Quality Control solutions help to detect product anomalies during the production phase

Process driven, high volume manufacturers have a significant challenge when it comes to managing quality, especially in the CPG industry where the rate of production is high, regulations are strict, and the quality and consistency of the product is often a market differentiator. Producing a non-value product, incorrect measurements, or incorrect labelling can have significant negative impacts on cost, wastage, environmental and customer commitments. This quality control solution helps our customers to identify when non-value products or other quality related issues occur on the production lines within seconds, so that production can stop and/or the cause can be remediated. This could save minutes to hours-worth of non-value production. The solution also provides reports with rich information about production quality to help our customers identify and rectify trends leading to poor quality.

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Avoid wastage during production

Stop or remediate production within seconds/minutes when producing non-value or incorrect labelling

Reduce environmental impact

Avoids using energy and water to produce non-value product

Reduces re-work

Detecting defective product early can mean the amount of re-work is reduced

Improve processes and configuration

Having rich and insightful quality information leads to faster and greater production improvement

  • How it works
  • Products passing on the conveyer belt or within a work cell will have images taken by an industrial camera. The images are either sent to the AWS cloud or on servers in the factory to be analyzed against a trained model. If the model detects a defect, the system raises an alert to the operator via a web-based user interface. The operator is shown the defective products within seconds of detection and is requested to input the process action taken based on the detection. Defects can cover many aspects of non-value or even non-compliant product. From defective food during production such as misshaped, incorrect filling lines to incorrect labelling that could cause a food safety hazard.

    The solution can be deployed in one or more locations on a production line and can also count products, providing production management with information on where produce was lost during production. Using AWS service Lookout for Vision significantly accelerates time to value and reduces the overall cost of adopting computer vision with its pre-built cloud machine learning services, algorithms, and model training software. This quality control solution also benefits from using Amazon SageMaker to accelerate the development of machine learning capabilities when dealing with complex defects and scenarios in production lines.

    The web-based user interface built on AWS AppSync, React, and Amazon DynamoDB displays alerts when defects are detected, automatically assigning tasks to deal with the detection and captures feedback from the users on actions taken to remediate the quality issue. Amazon S3 and Amazon QuickSight are used to provide the reporting dashboards with detailed information about the quality process.

  • Key activities
  • Value proposition project

    Using industry experts, DXC assesses the value of computer vision for quality control in a customer factory

    Discovery and design project

    A survey on the production line and quality process to produce a detailed solution design and deployment plan

    Pilot deployment

    Implementation of the solution onto the production line and training of the model

    Pilot training

    Training for factory users of the solution to ensure value from the pilot is achieved

    Pilot evaluation and support

    Pilot technical solution and useability support

  • Customer contribution
  • Value proposition project

    DXC requires access to the factory and time with quality and production management

    Discovery and design project

    DXC requires access to production lines, machine area and time with operators, maintenace and quality inspector

    Pilot deployment

    DXC requires access to production lines, machine area and time with maintenance team

    Pilot Training

    DXC requires access to production lines, machine areas and operators, quality inspectors and production manager

    Pilot evaluation and support

    DXC requires access to the solution edge systems deployed in the factory and feedback from users and managers

  • About this consultant
  • DXC focuses on true business outcomes underpinned by fully managed mission critical grade services. Their complete smart factory portfolio with a best-of-breed partner ecosystem ensures their manufacturing customers get the most from next generation technologies. DXC has a large existing client-base in CPG manufacturing, and they provide smart factory and mission critical services to many of the world’s largest CPG manufacturers. DXC is an AWS Solution Provider and AWS Premier Service Partner, DXC's services cover strategy, design, migration, and managed services for cloud, applications, and analytics.

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