Get control of AWS accounts. Share resources, unify access, and simplify administration.

Telefónica Tech can help customers with cloud governance. It doesn't matter if the customer is just starting out in the cloud or if they have multiple workloads. Telefónica helps to simplify and centralize management with a customized Landing Zone.

A Landing Zone based on Control Tower that is tailored to the customer's business needs allows customers to differentiate themselves through Telefónica's expertise and value-added services providing a flexible structure for hosting workloads in the cloud.


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Suitable Cloud Architecture

Get the right cloud model that supports the business needs and enables future growth.

Secure & Compliant Infrastructure

A new cloud environment will be compliant and have proactive protection systems in place.

Automated Deployments

Automated deployment features are available for additional time and cost savings.

Monitoring & Backup Systems

Performance monitoring and backup systems will be enabled to ensure business continuity.

  • How it works
  • Landing zones are a powerful resource, allowing them to quickly set up, manage, and use resources in the cloud. They provide a secure, consistent foundation to help organizations create custom architectures quickly and easily, while also providing the necessary governance, security, and cost controls.

    Landing zones enable users to separate their workloads within the cloud environment, thus reducing risk and improving efficiency. Additionally, they facilitate the ability to deploy cloud services faster than ever before, making it easier to prioritize projects, manage resources, and optimize costs. Furthermore, landing zones provide visibility into each workload’s usage patterns and performance, enabling better decision-making for budgeting, security, and operations.

    All of these benefits make landing zones an invaluable tool for companies of all sizes. The Landing Zone service enables customer's effectively solve the main challenges of the cloud journey:

    • Cloud resource wastage and lack of control over Cloud resources.
    • Service outages and downtime
    • Lack of cloud governance- Inadequate security controls
    • Lack of integration of services with existing tools
  • Key activities
  • 1) Assessment & Check

    Generate an assessment report and gather additional information about requirements.

    2) Design

    Design the Landing Zone including: tenacy, network, automation, security, monitoring and management.

    3) Deployment

    Configuring the Landing Zone according to the design document and transfer it to the customer.

  • Customer contribution
  • Tenancy Information Retrieval

    Definition of FinOps, Security Policies and Organisational Structure.

    Network Information Retrieval

    Current network architecture, connectivity needs and policies.

    Security & Compliance Definition

    Configuring native Cloud security tools.


    SDLC and current tools.

    Observability & Management

    Ongoing monitoring and observability.

  • About this consultant
  • Telefónica Tech is a leading company in digital transformation. The company has a wide range of services and integrated technological solutions for Cybersecurity, Cloud, IoT, Big Data, or Blockchain.

    Telefónica Tech is an Advanced Tier Partner with the Security Consulting Competency and member of the programs for Public Sector, Solution Provider, Commercial Reseller and Authority to Operate (ATO).

    Telefónica Tech offers a differential value proposition combining the potential of Cybersecurity and Cloud technologies to simplify the technological ecosystem and build the most appropriate solution for organizations. Telefónica Tech is among the world leaders in cloud communications and managed security solutions, and offers their professional, managed and consultancy services capabilities to provide customers with personalized end-to-end support.

    Acens and Altrostatus are part of Telefónica TechFor more information, please visit:

  • Architecture diagram

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