Wipro's one-stop solution for accelerating cloud migration and modernization across data estates

The Wipro Data Intelligence Suite, an automated cloud modernization solution across data estates to derive rapid business value, mitigates migration and transformation risks and acts as a foundation delivering an innovative suite of accelerators and ready-to-deploy modules. It allows enterprises to develop an effective plan for modernizing legacy applications and data, as well as prioritize their cloud investments.

By leveraging the AWS Cloud, the platform can support hybrid and multiple cloud use cases based on the customer's enterprise strategy and business capabilities. The Wipro Data Intelligence Suite enables an end-to-end life cycle modernization, cloud migration, and transformation journey to the AWS Cloud.



Australia, Austria, Belgium, Brazil, Canada, Denmark, Finland, France, Germany, India, Ireland, Italy, Japan, Jordan, Luxembourg, Netherlands, New Zealand, Portugal, Poland, Saudi Arabia, Singapore, South Africa, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, United Arab Emirates, United Kingdom, United States


  • 30 - 40% Faster time to market

    Reduction in manual efforts increasing scalability and innovation potential

  • Migration cost savings

    Seamless transformation that simplifies technology complexities at 30 - 40% lower cost

  • Increase in productivity

    By reducing the cost and manual effort, productivity is increased by 40 - 60%

  • How it works
  • Wipro Data Intelligence Suite supports customers to address business problem statements using their existing data, using its cloud modernization features and workflow:


    Start with assessment of the on-premise platforms and make use of planner to plan and decide the migration strategy using the following steps

    • Discover
      • On-premise platform assessment module gives a detailed view of existing data & application characteristics. This module covers database/ datawarehouse, data quality, ETL application, and BI application assessments.
    • Plan
      • Assists with planning migrations of different inter-connected platforms that span across onpremise environment to cloud using ETL and BI migration planner that provides recommendations around migration clusters and sprint plan based on the estimations and complexity analysis.


    Migrate Data Pipelines, Data Stores and BI Visualizations securely to the AWS Cloud. Validate the migrations and build new Data Pipelines for the ongoing data loads using the following steps

    • Migrate
      • Ready to deploy migration modules for data, ETL, and report migration or re-pointing while ensuring governance and automation.
    • Integrate
      • Design, build, deploy, orchestrate, and automate data pipeline workflows for cloud data ingestion, transformation and processing using open source technologies.
    • Validate
      • Facilitates validation of both data and reports based on automated process to ensure migrated that data and re-factored reports function well.


    Monitor and operationalize on the AWS Cloud.

  • Key activities
    • 1) Discover

      On-premise data estate assessment comprising data pipelines, data stores and BI visualizations

    • 2) Plan

      Logical grouping/ clustering of inter-dependent objects for defining the migration phases

    • 3) Migrate

      Migrate data, database objects, ETL, and BI reports to cloud in an optimized method specific to target platform

    • 4) Integrate

      Built in Devops capability with data lineage, orchestration support, and workflow generation

    • 5) Validate

      Multiple validation options comprising of count re-conciliation, sample data validation and hash validation

    • 6) Operationalize

      Monitoring the production environment from different perspectives like performance, SLA compliance and usage

  • Customer contribution
    • Software

      The third party software required for the module selected by the customer

    • Hardware

      Infrastructure required for the deployment of the tool

    • Access

      Access to Database/DWH, ETL tools, BI tools and other required software

    • Cloud

      Access to cloud native/agnostic services

    • Legal

      Agreement with IP terms and conditions

  • About this consultant
  • Wipro, an AWS Premier Tier Services Partner , has a cutting-edge experience center that will enable joint customer envision the future and create transformational solutions. Our state-of-the art Wipro AWS Launch Pads located at Kodathi (Bengaluru) and Sydney empower us in this endeavor.

    These multidisciplinary co-innovation centers are hubs where specialized teams craft truly innovative solutions leveraging AWS offerings. Wipro and AWS will enable joint customer conversations and deliver enterprise-scale cloud adoption. These center are immersive environments where customers from a broad range of industries collaborate to envision and drive their digital transformation journey, jointly with Wipro and AWS.


  • Architecture diagram

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