The integration of power generation projects into the transmission grid has been increasingly challenging due to the accelerating growth in renewables, bottlenecks in the electric grid, and evolving customer energy needs. To comprehensively evaluate the costs and risks, independent power producers, electric utilities, and system operators all conduct extensive simulations in the generation interconnection planning process for power projects. These simulations often run on local servers, or, if in the cloud, not on optimized infrastructure. With the increasing complexities, customers are struggling with the scalability, cost, and performance of these runs. In the event of disruptions, sometimes customers will have to start over again.

Generation Interconnection Simulation solutions on AWS help power and electric utilities scale their business-critical simulations in transmission planning, reducing complex simulation cycle times by up to 90%. It also improves assessment thoroughness and robustness by enabling customers to execute longer study horizons, resumes stopped runs, and simulates multiple (up to 10 times more) scenarios. Using these solutions, companies can reduce project costs and risks, accelerating the energy transition.


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