Customizations for AWS Control Tower

Customizations for AWS Control Tower combines AWS Control Tower and other highly-available, trusted AWS services to help customers more quickly set up a secure, multi-account AWS environment using AWS best practices. You can easily add customizations to your AWS Control Tower landing zone using an AWS CloudFormation template and service control policies (SCPs). You can deploy the custom template and policies to individual accounts and organizational units (OUs) within your organization. It also integrates with AWS Control Tower lifecycle events to ensure that resource deployments stay in sync with your landing zone. For example, when a new account is created using the AWS Control Tower account factory, Customizations for AWS Control Tower ensures that all resources attached to the account's OUs will be automatically deployed.

To access the CloudFormation template, documentation, and source code for Customizations for AWS Control Tower, refer to the Customize your AWS Control Tower landing zone section in the AWS Control Tower User Guide.

Case Study

AvalonBay Communities Inc. migrated to a serverless architecture on AWS, accelerating development by 75 percent while reducing costs by 40 percent and maintaining strong security.  

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Deploy and Apply the Customization for AWS Control Tower Solution
Solving with AWS Solutions: Customizations for AWS Control Tower
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Fast and Secure Account Governance with Customizations for AWS Control Tower
A landing zone provides a multi-account AWS environment with account structure, governance, network, and security configurations. Over time, as your organization grows, the landing zone must evolve to secure and organize your workloads and resources.
This blog post will show you how to customize your landing zone to align with your business needs using an AWS Solution called Customizations for AWS Control Tower.
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