Digital Evidence Archive on AWS

Deploy a secure, simple user interface for law enforcement to store and manage digital evidence with data integrity verified through audit reports and system controls


Digital Evidence Archive (DEA) on AWS helps investigative units manage and store digital evidence on AWS. It equips investigators and other law enforcement personnel with a web user interface (UI) that they can use to create and update cases with the associated digital evidence. The UI removes the reliance on physical devices, such as USBs and hard drives, and reduces cost that is incurred when running a local data center.

This AWS Solution supports file integrity, hashing, encryption, and audit logging, helping customers meet the requirements of the Criminal Justice Information Services (CJIS) Security Policy.


Easy-to-use interface designed for law enforcement

Allow investigative units to manage their data in one place using a simple interface and without interacting with the AWS Console. No cloud knowledge is required to leverage the scale, elasticity, and automation capabilities of this AWS Solution.

Cost control

Gain assurance that customers are only charged for the storage and compute services they use. The default storage service delivers automatic storage cost savings through intelligent-tiering.

Data integrity and compliance

Promote security through encrypted data and access controls that allow permissions to be granted on an as-needed basis. Files are hashed when uploaded and can be validated to ensure evidence is locked in its original form, allowing users to maintain chain of custody.

Technical details

You can automatically deploy this architecture using the implementation guide and the accompanying AWS CloudFormation template.

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Digital Evidence Archive

Digital Evidence Archive on AWS enables law enforcement customers to store and manage their digital evidence through a simple user interface. Evidence stored in the system does not change, and that integrity is verifiable using audit and accountability reports, file hashing, CJIS-level encryption, and access controls.  Learn more about the benefits and how to get started in this one page overview.

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API documentation

The Digital Evidence Archive API documentation guides programmatic integration and use of this solution. It outlines APIs with explanations of request and response formats for managing cases, files, users, and audit trails. The documentation also provides code samples for securely storing, retrieving, and managing digital evidence.

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