Murex MX.3

Unleash the power of Mx.3 trading, risk, and processing solutions on AWS


Murex MX.3 can be rapidly deployed on AWS

Murex is a global leader in trading, risk, and processing solutions for capital markets. Since its creation in 1986, the company has enabled its clients to make better informed trading decisions, improve operational efficiency, and enterprise risk management while controlling technology costs. Murex has clients in many sectors, from banking and asset management to energy and commodities. The robust and modular MX.3 solution is harnessed by institutions across all market segments to enable business growth and innovation by accelerating their technology transformation.

Murex customers can leverage AWS services to ensure they have a resilient, secure, and highly performant MX.3 platform on AWS. For example, by using AWS Application Auto Scaling groups combined with Amazon CloudWatch events, they can achieve a higher availability of the platform. With minimum effort, Amazon Relational Database Service for Oracle multi-AZ capability improves MX.3 database resiliency across several availability zones. For ease of deployment, custom AMIs can template and package MX.3 environments to provision testing and development environments faster.

Solution highlights

Murex's single, open platform, MX.3, supports trading, treasury, risk, and post-trade operations, ensuring consistency in data, analytics, and calculations across the business

The platform has the largest asset coverage in the industry with more than 350 payoffs, plus the flexibility to create new products

Murex offers this comprehensive range of solutions on a modular basis as either stand-alone solutions or as part of the MX.3 platform

­The availability of MX.3 in the cloud allows clients to take advantage of the flexibility, scalability, and cost reductions afforded by cloud models, simplifying the management of MX.3 environments and reducing the TCO of the platform

Key features

MX.3 offers flexibility and fits easily with your existing IT infrastructure and can be deployed on- premises as SaaS or on the cloud, depending on the need

Secure: Authentication features handle access to the MX.3 application. Data is protected in transit and at rest though secured communication, data encryption, and other security features

­Resilient: The typical implementation of an MX.3 environment leverages high availability through resilience, automatic recovery, and disaster recovery features

­Open: MX.3 capabilities are exposed through industry standard APIs that are fully documented with their sample codes

­Integrating: MX.3 provides the ability to integrate with and extend existing business functions. In addition, Murex provides large pre-packaged integration content from standard out-of-the-box interfaces

­Agile: The MX.3 development chain follows the SAFE (Scalable Agile Framework) for fast time to market for innovations

­DevOps: The Murex (and Murex System Integrators) experience on DevOps, combined with the usage of Murex automated testing tool MXTEST and other toolsets widely adopted by the industry, allow teams to scale in Continuous Integration/Continuous Delivery

Launch solution

The MX.3 application relies on Amzon Elastic Compute Cloud for its compute and HPC Grid layers. Persistence of the system’s data is done over Amazon Elastic Block Store for file storage, where MX.3 log files and temporary files can be stored in Amazon Simple Storage Service or Amazon Glacier for short- and long-term archival

To get up and running on AWS infrastructure, Murex clients first need an MX.3 application package from Murex after which they can provision the required infrastructure on AWS. Once aligned with the Murex best practices, clients can deploy and verify the MX.3 installations, and run the application.

Work with a partner

Accenture helps clients with their Murex implementation, upgrade and integration projects, including investment banks, clearing houses, hedge funds, prime brokers and organizations that use Murex for treasury


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