North Central Texas Emergency Communications District (NCT911)

 Texas, USA

 Champion since 2023

The North Central Texas Emergency Communications District (NCT911) is responsible for supporting 40+ Emergency Communication Centers (ECCs) in 14 counties and 157 municipalities surrounding the Dallas/Fort Worth Metroplex. NCT911 is an early adopter in the 9-1-1 space and is engaging in immense digital transformation by leveraging Amazon Web Services (AWS) partners experienced in 9-1-1 and GIS systems. NCT9-1-1 believes in solving people problems with technology. Solutions support multiple agencies, assets and personnel. Speed, redundant architecture, resiliency, and very low utility systems are vital in 9-1-1 and can be achieved with the use of AWS Graviton processors.

NCT911 implements additional systems and processes to streamline workflows and become more intuitive. Responding to the national 9-1-1 staffing crisis, NCT9-1-1 looks for ways technology can augment existing personnel. They are working to provide additional data to enhance situational awareness and improve emergency response, while also sharing and analyzing data to make data-driven decisions that have not been possible in the past. The organization is working to be more proactive than reactive when significant challenges are presented.  

What is the AWS State and Local Government Champions Program?

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