Storage Gateway demo videos

Switch from Tape to Cloud Backups - AWS Storage Gateway - Tech Tips (10:51)
How can I use snapshots and clones with AWS Storage Gateway to recover volume data? (10:02)
File Gateway - multi-site access to files/objects in Amazon S3 via NFS (6:32)
Using the AWS Storage Gateway Virtual Tape Library with Veritas Backup Exec (12:48)
Using AWS Storage Gateway volumes for application migrations to Amazon EC2 (11:54)
Disaster Recovery Demonstration: Using AWS Storage Gateway for Cross-Site Failover (7:39)

Knowledge Center and gateway setup videos

How to setup a volume gateway (9:33)
How to setup a tape gateway (9:08)

AWS re:Invent and conference sessions

Building Hybrid Cloud Storage Architectures, with Direct Supply case study and demo for SQL Server backup
Deep Dive: Using Hybrid Storage with AWS Storage Gateway to Solve on-Premises Problems (58:16)
Get Rid of Tape and Modernize Backup with AWS (47:50)
Migrating Large-Scale Data Sets to the Cloud (1:00:36)
Files in AWS: Overcoming Storage Challenges for Common File Use Cases (58:12)
Disaster Recovery with AWS: Tiered Approaches to Balance Cost with Recovery Objectives (45:39)


Tech Talk: Replacing tape backups with AWS Storage Gateway (26:34)
Deep Dive: AWS Storage Gateway Hardware Appliance (47:26)
Hybrid Cloud Storage with AWS Storage Gateway and Amazon S3 (40:12)
Tech Talk: AWS Storage Gateway Deep Dive: Introducing SMB support, with SQL Server backup demo (43:51)
Tech Talk: Improving Backup & Disaster Recovery with AWS Storage Gateway (33:56)
Tech Talk: Moving Data into the Cloud with AWS Transfer Services (46:05)

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