Several AWS services, including Amazon Chime and Amazon Connect, include charges that may be classified as charges for telecommunications services for federal as well as state and local purposes. Telecommunications services are subject to specified taxes, fees and surcharges at the federal, state, and local levels. The applicability of any taxes, fees, or surcharges on telecommunications services depends on, among other determinative factors, the type of service you purchase and the service’s sourcing location.

Please note: components of the Amazon Connect service are sold by Amazon Web Services, Inc. (“AWS”) and AMCS LLC (“AMCS”), an AWS affiliated entity. As a result, you may see charges from both AWS and AMCS on your bill.

Any service classified as a telecommunications service may be subject to taxes, fees and surcharges imposed or authorized by applicable authorities. The applicable taxes, fees, and surcharges ultimately depend on many factors, including, but not limited to, the character of the service you purchase, the tax location address associated with your account, the tax location address associated with anyone you have authorized to use the telecommunications services, or the location of the AWS data center region where you run the service or services.

Taxes and fees on telecommunications services are classified as either “Government Fees and Taxes” or “Other Fees and Monthly Surcharges” on your AWS invoice. The Government Fees and Taxes section of your invoice includes taxes, fees and surcharges that we are obligated to collect from you. The Other Fees and Monthly Surcharges category includes the taxes, fees, and surcharges that we are permitted to collect from you, which include a Federal Universal Service Fund Surcharge (and, if applicable, a State Universal Service Fund Surcharge) to recover charges imposed on us by the government to support universal access to telecommunications services in the United States.