Create pre-built or custom monitors

The cost monitor creation process allows you to create spend segments and evaluate spend anomalies in a preferred granular level. For example, you can build monitors for an individual Linked Account, an individual Cost Category value, or an individual Cost Allocation tag. specific services, linked accounts, cost categories, or tags.

Set alert subscription

Once you have created your cost monitor, you can choose your alerting preference by setting up a dollar threshold (e.g. only alert on anomalies with impact greater than $1,000) . You don’t need to define an anomaly (e.g. percent or dollar increase) as Anomaly Detection does this automatically for you and adjusts over time. ).

Receive alerts when anomalous spend is detected

Once cost monitors and alert subscriptions are created, you’re all set! Anomaly Detection will begin to work within 24 hours and you will be notified if any anomaly meets your alert threshold. You can visit your Anomaly Detection dashboard to monitor the activities, including anomalies detected that are below your alert threshold.

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