(revised on July 31st based on 2015 tax reforms)

Q1: What will change under the 2015 tax reforms?

A1: Before the reforms, when customers who were residents of Japan used AWS services based in Japan (i.e., the “Tokyo Region”), the transaction was considered domestic and the customer paid Japanese consumption tax. From October 1, 2015, however, Japan residents will pay Japanese consumption tax even if they use AWS services based in regions outside Japan.


Q2: Do the prices shown on the AWS Website include tax or not?

A2: Since April 1, 2014, prices for services shown on the Website have not included tax.


Q3: Is AWS, Inc. a registered foreign business?

A3: Yes. AWS, Inc. is a registered c-tax payer in Japan. The registration number is 00004. For details, please visit the NTA homepage.


Q4: Will invoices for AWS services change?

A4: Beginning October 1, 2015, customers who are residents of Japan will receive service invoices that include the registered foreign business number of AWS, Inc.


Q5: How can I confirm my amount of consumption tax?

A5: It will be itemized on the Invoice page of the AWS Billing and Cost Management, and on PDF invoices. On the Invoice page, the tax is labeled “Consumption tax levied (Japan).” On PDF invoices, the tax is labeled “CT.”