Jupyter on AWS

A secure, scalable, and collaborative Jupyter experience on AWS

Move from interactive exploration to production.

Fully managed deployment of Jupyter with security, reliability, and scale.

Connect and use AWS services from anywhere Jupyter runs.

Customize Jupyter with open-source extensions

Use cases

Generative AI

Build applications faster and more securely with Amazon CodeWhisperer on JupyterLab and Jupyter Notebooks.

Machine Learning

Query, prepare, and transform data at scale. Build, train, and deploy ML models with Jupyter using Amazon SageMaker Studio.

Teach and learn

Use Jupyter to teach or learn programming, machine learning, data science, and scientific computing.

How to get started

Explore more about Jupyter

Check out the global team building open source Jupyter projects for users anywhere.

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Learn ML with Amazon SageMaker Studio Lab

Learn and experiment with Jupyter for ML using a no-setup, free development environment.

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Scale ML workflows with Amazon SageMaker Studio

Run end-to-end ML development workflow with access to the most comprehensive set of tools in a single web-based visual interface.

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