Create and Manage a Nonrelational Database

with Amazon DynamoDB

Module 5: Clean Up and Next Steps

To finish this experiment, you will clean up the resources created in this tutorial


Congratulations! You have completed this DynamoDB tutorial and have worked through the basics of working with DynamoDB by using an HTTP API. Follow the steps in this module to delete the resources you created in this project.

For more information about DynamoDB, see the following resources:

Find this information and more in the Amazon DynamoDB Developer Guide.

 Time to complete

15 minutes


  • You can delete a DynamoDB table by using the DeleteTable API. There is an example in the script.

    Delete your table by running the following command in your AWS Cloud9 terminal.

    $ python

    The resulting output should show that the table was deleted successfully.

  • To delete the AWS Cloud9 environment that you used to run your commands:

    1. Go to the AWS Cloud9 console and choose Your environments from the left navigation pane.

    2. Choose your DynamoDB Deep Dive environment and choose Delete.

    3. In the dialog box, enter Delete in the box, and choose Delete.

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