Amazon Lex for Travel

Expedite delivery of seamless connected experiences to transform customer service


Amazon Lex provides high quality speech recognition and natural language understanding capabilities so you can deploy sophisticated conversational experiences in the contact center (e.g., Amazon Connect), social media platforms (e.g., Facebook Messenger) or mobile application. The pre-built bots include conversation patterns to disambiguate user input, dialog orchestration to collect information such as confirmation codes, and authentication flows to verify users. You can easily facilitate seamless handovers across different channels to deliver a rich connected experience.
AWS offers comprehensive services so you can combine different types of data and analytical approaches to gain deeper insights and drive more actionable outcomes. With the pre-built bots, you can provide recommendations, surface relevant offers, and deliver tailored messages based on insights derived from your unique data. You can easily integrate with other machine learning services to deliver personalized experience and drive higher customer satisfaction.
Amazon Lex is a completely managed service that can automatically scale with usage, so you don’t need to worry about provisioning hardware. The pre-built bots provide integration for business logic execution so you can quickly support end-to-end transactions. You can easily publish your bot on different modalities and channels, directly from the Amazon Lex console, reducing multi-platform development efforts.