FreeRTOS Partners

FreeRTOS hardware qualification partners are silcon vendors that have a validated FreeRTOS port on their microcontroller (MCU) development boards to give OEM/ODM developers confidence that the development platform of their choice behaves correctly and consistently. 

AWS IoT Greengrass Partners

AWS IoT Greengrass hardware qualification partners help give OEMs and their customers the confidence that AWS IoT Greengrass works correctly and consistently in their local edge intelligence applications. 

AWS IoT Core Partners

AWS IoT Core hardware qualification partners have hardware devices integrating with AWS IoT Core. These devices include sensors, appliances, gateways, or servers.

Amazon Kinesis Video Streams Partners

Amazon Kinesis Video Streams hardware qualification partners have hardware that securely streams video using Amazon Kinesis Video Streams. 

Are you interested in listing your device that works with AWS services? 

Partners interested in listing devices that work with AWS services must qualify them under the AWS Device Qualification Program. To learn more, visit the AWS Device Qualification Program webpage.

Note: All solutions on the AWS Device Qualfiication Program Partner webpage are created, sold, and implemented by the third party.