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Discover how AWS Training and Certification is transforming businesses and changing lives

Accelerating digital transformation

“We transformed from a model of chasing tickets and racking servers to a model of durable teams that can move and pursue value quickly on AWS.”

 - Suren Pillay, Chief Technology Officer, Absa Group 

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“Investing in our staff’s development not only provides rewarding personal growth opportunities, it also contributes to improvements in the quality of patient care provided to the residents of NSW.”

 - Farhoud Salimi, Executive Director, Service Delivery, eHealth NSW

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With AWS, BMW upskills 2,500 employees in cloud technology and launches the BMW AWS Platform Academy in South Africa to close the skills gap.

Maximizing AI and ML investment

"Investing in AWS machine learning and generative AI skills boosted our team's performance, coding efficiency, and quality output. With clients seeking generative AI expertise, our hands-on experience with AWS products like Amazon CodeWhisperer, which raised developer productivity by 30%, proved invaluable."

– Tiago Esteves, AWS Data & AI Lead for Brazil, Accenture

"Through AWS training, Thoughtworkers gained hands-on experience rapidly prototyping with generative AI with limited prior knowledge. This enabled us to confidently evolve development practices and responsibly apply generative AI across the entire software lifecycle, addressing the needs of our customers faster and helping them benefit from generative AI solutions in a highly secure way."

- May Xu, Head of Technology, Thoughtworks APAC Digital Engineering, Thoughtworks

Terrascope leveraged AWS Skill Builder to enhance in-house expertise and innovating with AI for sustainable decarbonization solutions.

Driving productivity and innovation

A mobile game developer gumi Asia, upskilled 50% of their engineers, resulting in a 10% decrease in cloud infrastructure costs and a 29% improvement in API response time, enhancing player experiences.

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With AWS Skill Builder, CloudCall employees implement new features and projects on AWS, providing better customer solutions faster.

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With AWS Training, Salesforce transforms skills to cloud-native, boosting speed, efficiency, and overall workforce satisfaction.

Attracting and retaining talent

Lockheed Martin invests in early career talent through the Cloud Certification Challenge on AWS.

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Sky invests in AWS Certifications to drive business results while supporting personal development interests of employees.

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Firemind, hires emerging cloud-skilled talent from AWS Education Programs to keep up with the rapid growth of its generative AI business.

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