Amazon WorkSpaces Web

Secure browser access to internal websites and SaaS apps starting at $7 per month

Strengthen your security posture by keeping corporate data off the endpoint device, supporting Zero Trust initiatives.

Available on demand, automatically provisioned, and updated to the latest browser version, making it easy to support bring-your-own-device (BYOD) requirements.

Costs are low and predictable with a flat monthly fee per user and the freedom to scale up or down whenever necessary. 

How it works

Amazon WorkSpaces Web is a low-cost, fully managed, Linux-based service, designed to facilitate secure browser access to internal websites and software-as-a-service (SaaS) applications from existing web browsers, without the administrative burden of managing infrastructure, specialized client software, or virtual private network (VPN) connections. WorkSpaces Web works with Amazon WorkSpaces Thin Client—improving end-user and IT staff productivity with cost-effective, easy-to-manage, secure access to AWS End User Computing services.

Use cases

Support bring-your-own-device (BYOD)

Enable access to your organization’s websites and Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) web applications like employee directory, internal wiki, ticketing system, web-based email, and benefits information from existing web browsers on employee owned devices, while isolating sensitive company data.

Enable secure access to private websites and SaaS applications

Connect users to private web content using your organization’s managed browser policy enforcement with control over user access to clipboard, printer, or file transfer policies, without relying on traditional virtual private network (VPN) or remote desktop.

Secure browsing on locked down networks

Enable safe, secure, and anonymous web browsing on the public internet with an effective barrier against web-based attacks for investigators, enforcement agents, transaction verifiers, and content creators. 

Amazon WorkSpaces Thin Client

Cost-effective, secure, simple access to virtual desktops.

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Elevate CDB uses Amazon WorkSpaces Web to empower their 100% remote support staff while adhering to strict security and  compliance requirements. 

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Neo Financial Customer Story

Neo Financial supports seamless and secure access to its administration portal using Amazon WorkSpaces Web. 

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How to get started

Create an Amazon WorkSpaces Web portal

Set up WorkSpaces Web from the Amazon WorkSpaces console and share end point URLs with your users for simple browser-based access.

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Check out the documentation

Dive into technical details in the Amazon WorkSpaces Web developer documentation.

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Contact an expert

Talk with an Amazon WorkSpaces Web specialist.

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