Our Customers and Partners

Every day, our customers and partners around the world are using AWS to launch new businesses, reinvent themselves and their industries, serve their communities more effectively, and so much more. Whether they’re trying to crack the code of diseases like cancer, protecting the planet’s most endangered species, or pioneering the fastest, most efficient, and sustainable new modes of transport, the cloud is helping them in their journey.

Pfizer’s work in healthcare, for example, impacts one in every six people on the planet, and it is using AWS to do everything from speed vaccine development and manufacturing, get ahead of supply chain issues, and now—using our generative AI technology—identify new oncology targets. Carrier, the multinational heating, ventilation, and air conditioning solutions manufacturer, is using AWS precise analytics to help customers reduce energy consumption and cut carbon emissions. Stock exchange Nasdaq, an AWS customer, is strengthening its systems against fraud and other financial crimes. Unicorns (startups valued at over $1billion) such as Ultima Genomics, are using AWS to revolutionize DNA data sequencing, or in the case of Plaid, which uses AWS to power its fintech tools, help millions of people better manage their finances.

Changing our world for the better

The Allen Institute for Brain Science is using AWS’s artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML) services—and plans to implement generative AI in the future—to transform large, complex multimodal data into usable insights for doctors. The ultimate goal is to advance treatment of brain diseases like Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s.

How the nation’s largest classroom—PBS—uses AWS to teach everyone (5:14)

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Our Origins

AWS launched with the aim of helping anyone—even a kid in a college dorm room—to access the same powerful technology as the world’s most sophisticated companies.

Our Values

We believe in building technology that’s inclusive, diverse, equitable, and sustainable.

Our Communities

We're committed to making a positive impact wherever we operate in the world.

Our People

We set out every day to innovate and disrupt the status quo on behalf of our customers and partners. We strive to pursue unexpected paths and see things from different perspectives.