Posted On: Oct 31, 2013

We are excited to release the developer preview of the AWS SDK for JavaScript. You can now start building full-featured, dynamic JavaScript web applications that directly access AWS services from the browser. Not only can you easily upload and download objects with Amazon S3, but you can also make direct calls to Amazon DynamoDB, Amazon SNS, and Amazon SQS, all of which now support CORS (cross-origin resource sharing). There is no need to write any server-side code, and you don't need to configure an application server for hosting. Deploying your application can be as simple as uploading the HTML, CSS, and JavaScript files to an S3 bucket.

With full support for web identity federation, AWS SDK for JavaScript allows you to authenticate users with third-party identity providers including Facebook, Google, and Login with Amazon. These users can be granted permissions to an isolated set of objects in Amazon S3 buckets. Now with the Fine-Grained Access Control feature, you can also specify what items and attributes users can access in DynamoDB tables.

To get started building browser applications that connect to AWS, visit the AWS SDK for JavaScript web page. To provide feedback to the SDK team, please submit issues to our GitHub project.