Posted On: Feb 25, 2014

The new CloudFront Content Delivery Optimization check in AWS Trusted Advisor can help you optimize the delivery of popular content from Amazon Simple Storage Service (Amazon S3).

This new check calculates the ratio of data transferred out to data stored in your Amazon S3 bucket to identify cases where you could improve performance and perhaps save money by delivering your content with Amazon CloudFront instead of directly from Amazon S3.

When you use Amazon CloudFront to deliver this content, requests for your content are automatically routed to the nearest edge location, and your content is cached so it can be delivered with lower latency. When the data transferred is more than 10 TB per month, pricing for Amazon CloudFront is lower than for data transferred directly from Amazon S3, meaning you can also save money.

To date, AWS Trusted Advisor provides 32 checks of your AWS environment and makes recommendations to reduce cost, improve system performance and reliability, or help close security gaps. You can stay up-to-date with your AWS resource deployment via weekly AWS Trusted Advisor notifications. Up to 3 recipients can get weekly status updates and savings estimations in English or Japanese. Learn more about setting up notifications on Jeff Barr's Blog and FAQ.

For more information on AWS Trusted Advisor and the other 31 checks covering major AWS services, including Amazon EC2, Amazon S3, Amazon EBS, Amazon RDS, Elastic Load Balancing, Amazon Route 53, and Amazon CloudFront, visit AWS Trusted Advisor. Read more about Amazon CloudFront and Amazon Simple Storage Service.