Posted On: Mar 3, 2014

You can now use AWS OpsWorks and AWS CloudFormation together to manage applications on AWS. AWS CloudFormation enables modeling, provisioning and version-controlling of a wide range of AWS resources. AWS OpsWorks is an application management service that simplifies software configuration, application deployment, scaling, and monitoring.

You can now model OpsWorks components (stacks, layers, instances, and applications) inside CloudFormation templates, and provision them as CloudFormation stacks. This enables you to document, version control, and share your OpsWorks configuration. You have the flexibility to provision OpsWorks components and other related AWS resources such as Amazon VPC and AWS Elastic Load Balancer with a unified CloudFormation template or separate CloudFormation templates.

Here is a sample CloudFormation template provisioning an OpsWorks PHP application, and here is a sample CloudFormation template provisioning a load balanced OpsWorks application inside a VPC. Please refer to the documentation for details.