Posted On: Apr 8, 2014

Amazon Elastic MapReduce (Amazon EMR) is a web service that makes it easy to process large amounts of data using Hadoop on AWS. Amazon EMR now supports 12 additional EC2 instance types and supports hs1.8xlarge, hi1.4xlarge, and cc2.8xlarge in additional AWS regions. These EC2 instance types are well suited to a variety of popular applications such as HBase, Spark, and Impala.

In addition, Amazon EMR lowered prices 27% to 61% (depending on the instance type) effective April 1. For example, the price of hs1.8xlarge was reduced from $0.69 to $0.27 per hour, making it possible to operate a large EMR cluster for less than $1000 per TB per year (including the cost of EMR and EC2, assuming 3x data replication).

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