Announcing a Preview of Amazon Elastic MapReduce commands on the AWS Command Line Interface

Posted on: Jun 5, 2014

A Preview of commands for Amazon Elastic MapReduce on the AWS Command Line Interface (CLI) is now available. The Preview gives you early access to try these commands, and it gives us the opportunity to receive feedback and iterate on the design before it becomes generally available. These new commands will allow you to create, describe, manage, and terminate your Amazon EMR clusters using the AWS CLI. Additionally, the AWS CLI makes it easy to interact with other AWS services from a single client and is easy to install. During the Preview, we request your feedback on our new Amazon EMR commands. Please send your feedback to, and we appreciate your input.

You can enable the Preview and use the new commands for Amazon EMR on the AWS CLI by entering “$ aws configure set preview.emr true” on the AWS CLI. If you have previously installed the AWS CLI, please upgrade to version 1.3.15 to access the Preview. If you have not installed the AWS CLI, please click here for installation instructions and here for configuration instructions. To learn more about the new commands and which commands are available, type “$ aws emr help” after you enable the Preview.