Posted On: Dec 16, 2014

AWS CloudTrail is now available in the AWS GovCloud (US) region. By turning on CloudTrail, you gain increased visibility into API calls made on your AWS account. CloudTrail records API calls made on your AWS account and delivers log files to an Amazon S3 bucket you specify. The log files generated by CloudTrail enable you to perform operational troubleshooting, security incident analysis, track changes to AWS resources and makes it easier to ensure compliance with internal policies and regulatory standards. For more details, see the AWS compliance white paper, Security at Scale: Logging in AWS.

AWS CloudTrail will be enabled automatically for all new AWS GovCloud (US) accounts starting today. Existing AWS GovCloud (US) customers can turn on CloudTrail in AWS GovCloud by going to the AWS Management Console for the GovCloud region. CloudTrail support for AWS GovCloud (US) will be available soon in the AWS CLI and SDKs.

To learn more about CloudTrail, go to CloudTrail detail page or review the user guide.

AWS GovCloud (US) is an isolated AWS Region designed to allow US government agencies and customers to move sensitive workloads into the cloud by addressing their specific regulatory and compliance requirements. The AWS GovCloud (US) framework adheres to U.S. International Traffic in Arms Regulations (ITAR) regulations as well as the Federal Risk and Authorization Management Program (FedRAMPSM) requirements. To find out more or request access, contact us today.