Posted On: Apr 22, 2015

We are excited to announce a new set of APIs for VM Import that make it even easier for you to migrate Virtual Machines (VM) from your on-premises environments to the AWS cloud.

The new APIs also provide you with additional enhancements that make VM Import both simpler and more flexible to use. You can use VM Import to create an Amazon Machine Image (AMI) from VMs stored in Amazon S3. The new API design makes it easier to develop and script on top of VM Import. You also benefit from increased flexibility in terms of how you upload your VMs. If you plan to import a large number of VMs, the new APIs also work well in combination with AWS Import, so you can load your VMs onto physical media and ship them to AWS instead of uploading them.

The new VM Import APIs supports Windows and Linux VMs in VMware, Microsoft, or Citrix formats. With the new API, you also have the ability to provide your VM in OVA format, which is a standard format for multi-volume VMs.

Please visit the VM Import page for more information. To get started, please visit the API documentation.