Posted On: Jul 9, 2015

Software as a Service (SaaS) delivery is the mechanism to deliver continuous innovation. The AWS platform provides the low cost, reliable and secure way to deliver single and multi-tenant SaaS solutions.

The launch of the global AWS SaaS Partner Program provides a series of benefits designed to help you build and grow SaaS solutions on AWS. As your business evolves, AWS will be there to provide the business and technical enablement support you need.

The benefits are structured in a maturity lifecycle: Learn, Build, Grow. Below is an outline of the benefits that we offer at each stage of the Learn, Build, Grow lifecycle.

In the Learn stage, you have access to SaaS business and technical enablement content in the form of articles, whitepapers and refererence architecture. The SaaS Partner Program Webcasts provide short video overviews to recap and extend the business and technical enablement content.

The Build stage offers SaaS Office Hours. These are live sessions held with AWS business and technical leaders. You can also take advantage of the Innovation Sandbox. This benefit enables you to apply for credits to be used for new SaaS offering development and / or test environments.

The Grow Stage provides you with benefits such as The SaaS Test Drive, which connects the customer with you, the SaaS partner, by providing Test Drive Software as a Service (SaaS) based solutions on AWS. Test Drive enables your customers to quickly and easily explore the benefits of using your SaaS software on AWS in a pre-configured environment. The SaaS Pilot benefit enables approved SaaS Partners to request AWS Service credits to be used by your customers to "kick the tires" of your SaaS offering. This way, there is a lower barrier of entry for your customer to try your offering. The AWS Marketplace SaaS Listings benefit enables you to list your SaaS offerings on AWS Marketplace. This provides a channel for you to acquire new customers, grow revenue and drive awareness about your SaaS offerings.

Overall, the AWS SaaS Partner Program is designed to help you in every stage of your SaaS business. To learn more or apply, visit the AWS SaaS Partner Program page.