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New – AWS Partner Program for SaaS

Back in the heyday of shrink-wrap software, the time between major releases was often measured in quarters or years. This created a long, slow feedback loop that often left customers waiting far too long for new features and bug fixes.

Today, Software as as Service (SaaS), often powered by an agile development methodology and supported by continuous integration,  gives independent software vendors (ISVs) the ability to innovate and to deliver updates far more quickly. Customers get a product that scales easily as their business grows, and that rapidly evolves as their needs change.

Many ISVs host their SaaS applications on the AWS Cloud. Whether single or multi-tenanted, their applications benefit from the rich functionality, global footprint, low cost (including frequent price reductions), high reliability, and security provided by AWS.

New SaaS Partner Program
Today we are launching a new global partner program designed to meet the needs of SaaS providers! This program is designed to help APN (AWS Partner Network) partners to build and grow SaaS solutions on AWS for SaaS consumers.

The program provides business and technical content (including articles, white papers, and reference architectures) to enable these partners to use AWS as productively and efficiently as possible. It also includes SaaS Partner Program Webcasts and SaaS Office Hours, in multi-media and live formats. All of this material is designed to help partners at every stage of their SaaS business, with a focus on developing solutions that benefit end customers.

The new Innovation Sandbox gives partners the ability to extend new SaaS offerings; the Saas Pilot benefit allows partners to provide a free usage tier so that their customers can take their SaaS offerings for a spin at no charge.

To learn more, visit the APN Blog. If you are an APN Partner and want to learn more or apply for the program, visit the new AWS SaaS Partner Program page.


Jeff Barr

Jeff Barr

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