Posted On: Jul 9, 2015

AWS Lambda is now integrated with Amazon API Gateway allowing you to create custom RESTful APIs that trigger Lambda functions. With API Gateway, you can create and operate APIs for backend services without developing and maintaining infrastructure to handle authorization and access control, traffic management, and monitoring and analytics. Learn more about Amazon API Gateway here.

Previously, in order to trigger a Lambda function from your web, mobile or IoT applications, you had to use the AWS SDKs, such as the AWS SDK for Android or iOS. Now, you can trigger a Lambda function with any REST compatible client through a customized API you create using API Gateway. Using the created API, you can easily add per-client throttles and metering to any Lambda function, stage and version your functions, generate custom SDKs, and integrate with open-source tools like Swagger. Read the documentation here.

The AWS Lambda console now offers blueprints, sample configurations of event sources and Lambda functions, to easily create new Lambda powered applications in a few clicks. You can choose a blueprint from the AWS Lambda console that best aligns with your desired scenario and customize as required. For example, select the ‘microservice-http-endpoint’ blueprint to start creating Lambda powered API backends.

Please visit our product page for more information about AWS Lambda.