AWS IoT Now Generally Available

Posted on: Dec 18, 2015

AWS IoT is now Generally Available (GA) for production use, and is releasing new features to make it even easier to use AWS IoT to connect devices to the cloud and to other devices.

Support for the AWS IoT API is now available in the AWS Mobile SDK for iOS. Now, you can use the mobile SDK to publish and subscribe to device data via MQTT with X.509 certificates, and access device shadows so that applications or other devices can read messages and interact with devices, even when they aren’t connected. To learn more about the AWS Mobile SDK for iOS, read the release notes.

In addition, AWS IoT’s device gateway now supports both IPv4 and IPv6 using the same endpoint, so you can seamlessly run existing IPv4 enabled devices and add IPv6 enabled devices to your fleet of devices. With the number of connected devices increasing, and the usable IPv4 address space shrinking every day, major future IoT applications are moving towards IPv6 to benefit from the 128bit address space, be future proof, and address regulatory requirements.

To learn more and get started with AWS IoT visit the AWS IoT Webpage.